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Time is Love: a Fairy Tale

Performance by Suzan Batu


This was part of a group show, curated by Aysegul Sonmez. The performance took place at the Kethüda Hamamı in Ortaköy, İstanbul, on January 6th.

The exhibit is open from January 6th to the 29th, 2023.

"Cycle Of Life" followed by "Apollo And Daphne" Feb 2019 -"Döngü'' Şubat 2019

Performance by Suzan Batu


Depicting the cycle of life where the Goddess as maiden, mother and crone awakens nature and puts it back to sleep. In the second part the Sun God forcefully conquers the Goddess and Daphne begs her father Zeus to turn her into a tree rather than get raped by Apollo.

The Sümerbank Goddess

`Henna Night` 2018 New York

Performance by Suzan Batu


Henna Night is inspired by a celebration in Turkey of the same name which is held on a night before the wedding when the women from both the bride's and the groom's families meet and dance together. It is a bittersweet ritual where the bride takes leave of her family and welcomes the family of her future husband.

Sümerbank Tanrıçası

Suzan Batu

Zülfü Livaneli Kültür Merkezi Saadet Türköz Performans


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